Isojoenranta railway bridge 24.8.2011.
Isojoenranta railway bridge 24.8.2011.

Maisemassa.com is all about obsession. When your brain is tuned certain way, you tend to automatically frame every situation and scenery in 3:2 aspect ratio.

Aesthetically beatiful image is not an absolute measure. At least I don’t see it like that. I have my own standards, and they are constantly changing. Of course some practises tend to stick; golden ratio always seems to be a safe bet when composing a photo. A little boring but safe. Of course you have to think outside the box from time to time. That said, the visual balance is one of the most important ingredients when talking of photography. Symmetry in one sense or another. When it’s lacking, the picture just feels wrong.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to emphasize the composition too much. You can’t ignore an intriguing subject or top-notch post-processing. But if the composition is unbalanced, the image is not satisfactory for me. And I’m rarely truly satisfied with photos I take. That’s my obsession number one.

Misty morning at River Kokemäenjoki 9.9.2011.
Misty morning at River Kokemäenjoki 9.9.2011.


My second obsession is Gear Acquisition Syndrome wikipedia: Gear Acquisition Syndrome ). I’m always looking for my next camera or other cool cadgets. Luckily my budget is very limited, which keeps the lid on G.A.S. But that doesn’t stop me from following tech blogs.

Behind the Lens

”Straight out of the camera” is a nonexistent method for me. Final aesthetics of a photograph or a video is always the result of premeditated post-processing. Even though analog film photography is rare nowadays, photography is still handwork, now even more than before. It’s just not as messy as in the old days.

Personally I love to know what happens behind the lens. As well as in the shooting location as during the post-production. Wanting to learn new stuff all the time is an obsession everyone should have.


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